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Are you starting off an exciting career? Refreshing or wanting to shift into a higher career gear? Follow your passion and join us at corresponding event sessions to explore your aspirations, find postgraduate study options that fit you best, and discover the pathway to success.

When: Monday 21 September – Friday 16 October 2020
Where: Online, on-demand & from your device
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Explore your options: 21-25 Sep

Join live webinars, engage with and get insights from academics and industry experts on our postgraduate programs, various career optionsand ways to do career switch and uplift.

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Get inspired: 28 Sep–2 Oct

Continue with on-demand webinars and engage with academics/alumni/current students to learn their secrets to success and what they love about our close-knit community.

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Book a consult: 30 Sep–16 Oct 

Book your 30-minute 1-on-1 personal consultation (via phone) at your convenience and get personalised answers on your postgraduate study plans.

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