Digitally transforming Australia’s medical supply chains

The Critical Supply Chain CRC connects significant players in the medical supply ecosystem with some of the world’s leading researchers to forge a new future for medical supply chains.
The pandemic highlighted systemic weaknesses in Australian and global medical supply chains and identified an opportunity for the healthcare industry to reap the benefits of digital supply chain transformation.

This CRC will provide the critical components to build one of the world’s most advanced supply chain management systems. It will help Australian manufacturers of medical products to become highly trusted and integrated into global supply chains.

It will also provide innovative solutions to Australian technology companies looking to provide supply chain management solutions around the world, as well as an opportunity for all stakeholders in the system to come together and co-design solutions.


  • Improve adoption of digital supply chains
  • Enhance industry capacity to identify, assess and respond to risk
  • Improve regulatory compliance, quality and safety monitoring, and
  • Reduce inefficiencies within medical products inventory management

Benefits of transformation

How we’ll achieve it

This CRC is a unique opportunity to capitalise on the experiences of the pandemic to address the systemic failings in our supply chain.

Our research program agenda:

Accelerate Digital Transformation

This program provides system-wide tools for data sharing, connectivity, visibility and investment.

Intelligent Risk Management

This program provides AI-powered, high fidelity and continuous insights on risks.

Digitised Compliance, Quality and Safety

This program will develop knowledge and tools to increase flexibility, safety and compliance while lowering costs.

Inventory Optimisation

This program provides the tools to improve the efficiency and resiliency of inventory management.

Invitation to participate

Supply Chain Resilience Initiative

The CRC complements the Australian government’s Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI) by focusing on building collaboration throughout the entire chain and extends to all products across the healthcare system.


  • Supporting the development of digital healthcare solutions
  • Positioning Australia as the preferred partner for international markets
  • Supporting advanced manufacturing

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