A workplace like no other

Macquarie is a university engaged with the real and often complex problems and opportunities that define our lives.

Since our foundation 60 years ago, we have aspired to be a different type of university: one unbound by ivory towers and sandstone walls. Rather, we are focused on fostering collaboration between students, academics, industry and society, encouraging all to traverse the boundaries of their own perspective and effect change. We’re connecting people across the most diverse fields of knowledge to create bold new possibilities: for their careers, intellectual endeavours, enterprises and the common good.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering is a purpose-driven faculty, determined to lead positive change for our students, staff and partners. We aim to be the best for the world. We work with our partners to discover, create and innovate, to build a better future with sustainability at the core. We are committed to nurturing the next generation of STEMM leaders who will shape our rapidly evolving world.

By joining our faculty, you will become part of a vibrant community dedicated to pushing boundaries, fostering collaboration, and embracing emerging technologies. We believe that the pursuit of science and engineering goes beyond theoretical knowledge; it encompasses hands-on experience, interdisciplinary collaboration and a deep understanding of real-world challenges. We recognise that these challenges require collaborative and sustainable solutions. By working together with industry leaders, government bodies and other stakeholders, we aim to discover innovative solutions that address societal needs and contribute to sustainable development. We will provide an exceptional environment for you to thrive and make meaningful contributions.

An introduction from Professor Lucy Marshall, Faculty of Science and Engineering Executive Dean

Acknowledgement of Country

Macquarie University acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which the University is situated, namely the Wallumattagal peoples of the Dharug nation and the Gadigal peoples. Recognising the deep connection that Aboriginal peoples have with the land and water, and their role as educators for thousands of years, is an important step towards building a more inclusive and culturally respectful academic environment. 

By acknowledging the enduring role of Elders and Knowledge Holders, the University not only pays respect to their legacy but also emphasises the value of the First Nations peoples’ ongoing contributions to the educational journey. Placing First Nations knowledges at the centre of educational priorities reflects a positive commitment to diversity, sustainability, wellbeing and social responsibility. This holistic approach to education not only benefits students but also contributes to the preservation of Indigenous cultures and the overall wellbeing of society. 

Our Wallumattagal Campus has been designed with careful consideration given to its long history, the natural surroundings and creating a successful educational space. Promising to continue the legacy of caring for Country and prioritising the advancement of future generations through education aligns well with the University’s role in fostering positive societal change.  

About us

The Faculty of Science and Engineering is driven by the spirit of innovation. Here we nurture the next generation of science and technology innovators. The pairing of engineering and science in a single faculty means many of our research discoveries see direct technological applications. We are active within many industry partnerships, commercial collaborations and joint enterprise initiatives with government, industry and business partners.

Within the faculty, Australian Astronomical Optics - Macquarie (AAO-Macquarie) is a research department and recognised world leader in innovative astronomical instrumentation, software and research.

Our expertise includes:
• developing innovative technology for use in astronomical instruments
• developing software and data systems for the processing, storage, and access of data
• using these instruments and systems for scientific research.

AAO-Macquarie works in a matrix structure with close collaboration across its functional groups. There is a strong emphasis on communities of practice and a shared culture of learning and innovation.

AAO–Macquarie comprises four teams that report to the Director:
• Instrumentation
• Astronomy
• Research Data and Software
• Operations

Research translation and instrumentation engineering are key priorities of the University and faculty. Accordingly, significant investment is being made with the establishment of a new Engineering and AAO building within the Science and Engineering Precinct. The new building will enable co-location of research, engineering and commercial facilities. It will bring together the School of Engineering and Australian Astronomical Optics - Macquarie at Macquarie University’s Wallumattagal Campus. Currently in construction, we anticipate the new building to be active in 2025.

Under the banner Astralis Instrumentation Consortium, Macquarie University is partnering with the Australian National University, the University of Sydney and Astronomy Australia Ltd to establish a new national capability for astronomical instrumentation. Macquarie University is excited to take a significant role in growing Australia’s global position in astronomical instrumentation.

Macquarie University is establishing itself as a leader in equality and inclusion, and we have been recognised for our progress in shaping a welcoming, diverse and inclusive organisation. We are proud to be recognised as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency for our progress towards gender equity, and we are focused on long-term systemic change.
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Who we are looking for

To be successful in this role, you will have proven academic leadership in your discipline and be known as an eminent authority in your field. You will be a committed enabler of multidisciplinary collaborations, playing an active role in collaborating with researchers across the discipline, faculty and wider academic community. You will have demonstrated the ability to lead and uplift large technical teams. Your proven track record of developing trust, building commitment, modelling core University values and fostering an environment of innovation and excellence will enable you to succeed in this role.
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What you will do

We are seeking a visionary leader who will take the central role in creating and sustaining a holistic vision for AAO-Macquarie across its programs in astronomical instrumentation, astronomy research and data science while championing a collaborative and inclusive culture. The Director will lead the development of strategy and set the directions for discovery, industry engagement and future directions for business development.

Wallumattagal Campus
Macquarie University
Macquarie Park
Sydney, Australia

Australian Astronomical Optics - Macquarie
North Ryde
Sydney, Australia

• Executive Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering

• Head of Engineering
• Head of Instrumentation
• Head of Research Data and Software
• Operations Manager

• Members of the Faculty Executive
• Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
• Heads of Schools and Departments
• Associate Deans
• Senior Managers
• Key state and federal bodies and government departments
• Industry

Candidate statement

In no more than five pages, outline what you would bring to the position of Director, Australian Astronomical Optics - Macquarie and what you would hope to accomplish, as well as reflect on your experience in the context of the selection criteria.

Selection criteria

Demonstrated Leadership Experience: Provide evidence of successfully leading and mentoring staff to achieve high performance, including establishing a collaborative and productive culture, supporting staff in their objectives, and attracting and retaining high-performing talent.
Strategic Vision and Implementation: Ability to articulate a clear vision for the department and develop strategies to achieve it. Give examples of implementing initiatives that align with organisational goals and enhance diversity and inclusion.
Communication and relationship building: Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to engage and motivate staff at all levels. Evidence of building strong relationships internally and externally to advance departmental objectives.
Change management: Experience in driving change initiatives and overcoming barriers to high performance. Ability to adapt to changing circumstances and lead teams through transitions effectively.
Commitment to equity and diversity: Demonstrated commitment to advancing equity and promoting diversity and inclusion within the department, with a track record of implementing initiatives to support these objectives.

How you can apply

Applications should be submitted through Workday, including a CV and Candidate Statement.

For details regarding the position, contact Professor Lucy Marshall, Faculty of Science and Engineering Executive Dean, by email to [email protected] or for general enquiries contact Roberta Palfreeman, Human Resources Manager by email to [email protected].

The closing date for applications is as per the position advertisement on MQ Workday.

This position requires criminal record checks.

Our purpose, vision and values

At Macquarie, we are not afraid to choose the less-trodden path. We see life as an exhilarating source of possibilities to grow intellectually and professionally, unconstrained by traditions. We are ready to embrace new experiences and ideas. We believe that a leader is about being a team player and know that success in today’s world is all about collaborating with the right people on the right issues. We are naturally curious and open to the most diverse intellectual perspectives. United by a sense of purpose, a single vision and one set of values, we actively engage in the complex issues that define the future of humanity.

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United by one purpose

We are a university of service and engagement:

• We serve and engage our students and staff through transformative learning and
life experiences.

• We serve and engage our world through discovery, dissemination of knowledge and ideas, innovation and deep partnerships.

• Our University is a place for staff and students to be nurtured and to grow, develop, learn and explore.
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Sharing one vision

We aspire to be:

• a destination of choice for students and staff who share our values.

• deeply connected with our stakeholders and partners and known for this globally.

• ranked among the highest-performing research universities in Australia and, for key disciplines, to be recognised globally for our pre-eminence.

• known across Australia and beyond as custodians of a remarkable university campus that blends the vibrancy of a cosmopolitan university village with a natural Australian bushland setting.
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Embodying one set of values

We value:

Scholarship – We believe learning, inquiry and discovery improve lives.

Integrity – We conduct ourselves ethically, equitably and for mutual benefit.

Empowerment – We make our community a source of strength and creativity.

Through our actions as students and staff, we live these values, and it is against them that we hold ourselves accountable.