Master of Marketing Masterclass
Wednesday 30 November, 5pm – 6pm. Online

Marketing technology: reinventing marketing in the digital era

Welcome to the fast-changing and exciting world of marketing technology – MarTech. We’ll outline the status and landscape of MarTech, give an overview of strategic implementations, and discuss some of the main challenges marketers need to understand and overcome.

Speakers: Dr Ivan Ho and Dr Yi Li, Macquarie Business School

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Master of Business Analytics Masterclass
Thursday 8 December, 5pm – 6pm. Online 

Visualisation and managerial dashboards and application of machine learning in predicting house price

Join us to explore aspects of the business analytics degree as we discuss how the latest advanced visualisation tools and platforms can help managers and decision-makers dive into complex organisational data. How much smarter and better-informed is decision-making that draws on this extra layer of business insights? Plus, we’ll showcase how predictive analytics can be applied to solve business problems through an illustration of the performance of machine learning in predicting house price.

Speakers: Dr Chi Truong and Dr Hamed Jafarzadeh, Macquarie Business School

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